SCD Kaleidoscope 1

SCD Kaleidoscope 1 was an worldwide event for Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) enthusiasts, consisting of presentations, discussions, and of course dancing, organised by Susi Mayr, Pia Walker, Jerry Reinstein, and Jeff Robertson. It took place in Thoiry, France, on 3–5 July 2009.

This web site used to contain information on travel and accommodation, the speakers and the programme, and everything else needed to advertise and run an international conference. Much of this material is no longer of interest now, but what we do have is a great set of videos of most of the presentations, contributed by Malcolm and Helen Brown. These videos are available on the new Strathspey Video site for your enjoyment.

Note: SCD Kaleidoscope 1 was a truly memorable occasion and it is deplorable that the idea was never picked up and continued. If you’re seriously interested in collaborating to make SCD Kaleidoscope 2 happen, then by all means get in touch.